Pet Portraits

This is the first publication of Pet Stories and Portraits. With this series I hope to create an animal forum for people to talk about their animals!! Almost everyone I know has an fun or interesting story about their pet!! 
The idea for Pet Stories and Portraits is to post a story of your pet with a picture that is accompanied by a wire portrait of that pet. Anyone can participant, and any kind of animal is welcome. If your pet is chosen you will receive a free wire portrait of your pet. The most interesting stories with pictures will be chosen. To participate send you animal stories and pictures to along with an address I can send your portrait to if your story is chosen.
I'm so excited!!! I can' wait to get started!!!

The first story I have chosen is about my Cat Willamina, Mina for short. Her name came from watching Sesame street, as a child. They were doing the letter W for Willamina. I always thought it was a great name and since I couldn't change my name my cat got it.
Mina is my 11-year-old part Siamese and tabby cat who I got from the SPCA when she was a wee kitten. I was drawn to her because of soft blue eyes and tabby markings.  She has always been a very even-tempered cat, hardly ever the crazy cat, except
for a few minutes late at night when she’s got to run around the house with a crazy gleam in her eye. What is most notable about Mina is her calm Buddha like demeanor. Her standard pose is to sit perfectly up right with her front paws drawn close to her body and her tail tightly wrapped around her feet. Her eyes are always a soft blue with a wise Buddha stare.  Sometimes I wish she could talk because I’m sure she’s got some practical wise advice for me.

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