Monday, January 16, 2012

                                                 Weekly Journal

As I am pulling my blog together I've realized that  I really have to blog as often as I can. I love to write in my journal and since this year I now carry around 2 journals.
One for writing the other for drawing. It seems like it would make sense to have a journal online as well. This journal is going to focus around my process. The art making process and promoting it. Today I got inspired to working on my photography skills and now my shoulder hurts from shooting and processing. Blahhhhhh At least my photos  are improving!!
In the past I just used my digital point and shoot camera, a white sheet of paper, desk lamps and photoshop. Now I'm really working toward using natural light as much as possiable, a homemade light box. The light box is pretty much a  big clear plastic bin I bought at the goodwill for a dollar because it didn't have a lid.  I just have to tape my background to the inside and I got a light box for photographing. Today I moved beyond just white and added a muted bluish gray background. Isn't it pretty!! I also played around more with the white background as well. Take a look a the bee  and the unicorn picture. Natural light is the bomb!!! I also played with some reflective light with some silver trays I also bought at the good will. They are perfect for holding up to the light and reflecting a subtle light onto the subject. The silver ones I used today reflected  some gold rays. I've read that you can also used different reflective material to get different hues. Its next on my list!!

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