Sunday, March 8, 2015

Whats your favorite color?

 Whats your favorite color? Seems like an easy question except maybe not. For me every color has a story. For instance my first favorite color was blue. I'm not sure why but it was my childhood favorite color. As an adult it switched to red because red looked smokin hot on me. It was the color of passion and I was all about that! Today its pink. Pink makes me happy. It reminds of a babies bow tie lips. Its the color my best friend loves to wear and it reminds me of spring. 
So whats your favorite color and does it have a story?

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Antonia Hansen has been making both fine art and crafts all her life. She grew up in a blue collar family that loved to craft. She came from a long line of crocheters dating back to her Great Grandmother. She was exposed to fine art by her Dad's mom on the other side of the family. As a result she walks the fine line between art and craft. Antonia has a Bachelors degree in Music and BA in Art from San Francisco State University. She has worked in several mediums which include: graphite, ink, water color, acrylic paint, oil paint, charcoal, dry pastels, ceramics, paper-mache, jewelry design, knitting, and crocheting. She began working with wire six years ago. While doodling a lot during meetings at work a co-worker suggested that the drawings really lent themselves to wire. That little comment was just the thing to set fire to an idea and push the wire work into motion.